Reporting and Analytics

Our reports and advanced analytics make sense of your data and provide actionable intelligence for your organisation.

We believe that the best decisions are driven by data. However, it can be difficult to clearly interpret data to determine the right course of action. NTT provides a suite of reporting capabilities that include pre-built reports, actionable dashboards, and advanced analytics that can be customised to meet any reporting needs.

Understand every aspect of your communications environment. 

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Improve governance with greater visibility into usage and spend.

Intuitive interaction with your data using both top-down and bottom-up views. 

Schedule reports to automatically provide relevant data to your management on a regular basis.



Single Pane of Glass

  • Information about your communications environment is integrated into a powerful, unified display.
  • Move between high-level, summary data to granular details with ease.

Advanced Analytics

  • Enable outcomes, such as cost savings or improving efficiency, with customisable, insightful reports.
  • Use benchmarking capabilities to see how your costs and behaviours compare with industry averages.
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Evidence-based Transformation

  • Access powerful savings reports that were engineered to quickly locate waste and abuse.
  • Negotiate with carriers from a position of power with reliable data about your usage and spend.