Telecom Expense Management

With your billing and usage data in a single platform, you’ll have unprecedented visibility to optimise your network and mobile expenses. 

Our core telecom expense management services help you save time, improve efficiency, and optimise your communications spend. By streamlining your invoice processing, usage management, and dispute management, we help you reduce operational costs and billing errors, and provide the insight you need to interact with your carriers from a position of power.

Our TEM services save you time and money. 

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Make informed decisions on cost management with visibility into the complete picture of your communication spend

Proactively capture, dispute, and eliminate incorrect charges to reduce telecom spend.

Streamline invoice processing, cost allocation, and accounts payable processes to reduce operational costs.

Identify opportunities for savings, potential billing issues, and account trend information with automated invoice line item analysis.


Invoice Processing

Invoice processing is the backbone of telecom expense management. The resources and expertise that we’ve developed over two decades in this industry set us apart from other TEM providers. We offer unique invoice processing services designed to save you time and money.

  • Our system automatically identifies late invoices and we work with you to track them down
  • Automated invoice validations point out important information about your invoice, such as variance in charge, late fees, etc.
  • Highly customisable allocation methods give you control over invoice payment and require minimal month-to-month upkeep
  • Integration with your accounts payable software to ensure your data is transferred securely and in the proper format
  • Work with our team for first level invoice review and approval, allowing your employees to focus on other important business tasks

Usage Management

Understanding how your organisation uses your communications environment is critical to identifying savings opportunities. By tracking your usage, you can learn where you are under- or over-utilising a resource, and make cost-cutting adjustments.

  • Overage charges are called out so you can quickly identify where you’re losing money
  • Find where you’re paying for services you don’t need on the Collaboration Analytics license utilisation dashboards
  • Get recommendations from our team of experts on more efficient plans and features based on your organisation’s mobile usage
  • Action-oriented reports that call out abuse and waste, such as excessive downloads, directory assistance use, and lines with no usage

Dispute Management

Vendors and carriers sometimes make mistakes, but you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Alongside our invoice processing and usage management capabilities, the dispute management features make it possible for you to identify billing errors, track communication with the vendor, and report on subsequent savings.

  • Invoice validations identify potential billing errors and other disputable activity on your bill
  • Dispute management tool provides all of the features you need to track disputes and communicate them to your vendors
  • Our expert team can do the work for you to manage disputes from identification to resolution
  • Run reports to see how much you’re saving from disputing invalid invoice charges