Ordering and Provisioning

Control and manage your spend on telecom services and infrastructure. 

Complete lifecycle management of your communications environment is only possible when you integrate ordering with your inventory and billing. When you use our sophisticated Ordering and Provisioning services, you’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • When was a particular line ordered, and by whom?
  • Did the service provider remove that disconnect circuit from the invoice?
  • When was the circuit accepted?
  • Was the billing prorated correctly for the first month?
  • Who approved the order for a new mobile device?
  • How can I control what my employees order?

Make your ordering process more efficient.

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Save time with bulk ordering and order cloning to make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible.

Use bundled ordering to quickly place orders that you need for events like opening a new branch or location.

Attach documents to orders for record purpose or to send to the vendor.

Send quote requests to multiple carriers to compare prices and make sure you’re choosing the right vendor, then create an order based off the quote request.

Submit vendor trouble tickets directly from our platform to quickly address any service issues.

Integrate billing, inventory management, and ordering for ultimate visibility and control over your communications environment.


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Complete Order Tracking

  • Tracks order status from creation to completion and every step along the way
  • Orders are time-stamped at each step of the order process so you can eliminate inefficiency
  • Variety of reports available to support timely order processing and highlight orders in jeopardy of missing their need-by date

Comprehensive Service Configuration Details

  • Capture important details such as location and demarcation, service-specific information such as line coding and framing, billing details, internal points of contact, and much more
  • Use reference tables to maintain consistency with employee, location, and organisational information

Integration with Inventory

  • Inventory items are updated to reflect actions taken through ordering, such as moving lines to a pending disconnect status once a disconnect order is placed
  • Automatically add new items to inventory when new service orders are completed
  • Ordering works with Inventory Management service to trigger additional validation rules during invoice processing, ensuring that the invoice reflects changes in billing that result from ordering activities

Flexible Workflow Engine

  • Supports all possible order workflows – you define who can place orders and how orders are approved based on price, service type, order type, etc.
  • Configure approvers by order type, item category, geography, vendor, and account for maximum control and flexibility
  • Ensure that your orders are processed efficiently by sending them directly to vendor contacts or a fixed distribution group
  • Integrates seamlessly with your favorite e-procurement tool

Outsource Tasks to Dimension Data Specialists

  • If desired, our team of experts can support your ordering and provisioning activities by updating orders with details such as order commitment date, install date, point-of-service number, and status based on communication with the vendor