Mobility Management

Go beyond cost containment with holistic mobility lifecycle management. 

Mobility lifecycle management (MLM) mitigates risks for your organisation and facilitates the management of all components of the mobile enterprise value chain – users, carriers, application providers, and fulfilment partners – in compliance with your organisation’s mobile strategy.

This is where NTT’s NexTEM application and managed services add tremendous value. With NexTEM’s MLM functionality and a carefully crafted mobile strategy developed by the industry’s most experienced practitioners, you’ll achieve major cost reductions, usage control, and improvements in efficiency.

Want to save 20% on your mobility management?

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Develop a comprehensive mobile strategy and policy.

Negotiate market-leading contracts with carriers.

 Put Telecom Administrators in command to deliver savings of up to 20-50% to the business, while also improving service levels to end users.

 Dramatically increase visibility, flexibility, and control of the constantly evolving and escalating demands of your organisation.

 Off-load tedious and time-consuming tasks so your employees can focus on more business-critical tasks.


Through our NexTEM platform, we provide the visibility and control to manage your mobile population according to your policy. NexTEM is focused on cost-reduction and usage control with workflow-based management, full transaction support, and complete hierarchical visibility summarised in an actionable dashboard.

Complete Repository of Mobile Inventory

  • Track more than 30 standard details for each device and service
  • Access to important data such as order date and number, SIM and other serial numbers, contract end date, upgrade eligible date, assigned employee and organisation, and so much more
  • Monitor rate plans and features for every user and validate charges against your negotiated rates
  • Synchronisation between mobile ordering and inventory keeps your records accurate and lets you compare invoices to inventory and flag exceptions

Mobile Worker Support

  • Support your end users in the use and maintenance of their mobile devices with troubleshooting assistance, warranty replacement processing, and more
  • Save your Telecom Administrators time by off-loading employee support to our professional team

Savings Opportunities Dashboard

  • Identifies immediately actionable opportunities based on automated analysis of recent invoices
  • Quantifies usage exceptions, such as high usage users, zero usage users, multiple-device users, high text messaging without a plan, high international roaming without a plan, excessive downloads, and directory assistance use
  • Allows drill-down to the end-user invoice details for each exception
  • Enables easy implementation of changes – for example, disconnecting an unused phone

Employee Portal for End-User Engagement

  • Empower your employees to view bills and other relevant details, initiate and track orders, view call detail, and mark called numbers as business or personal
  • Managers can approve or edit team members’ orders, order on their behalf, and review departmental usage reports with drill-down into billing and call details

Comprehensive Mobile Catalogue

  • Access a comprehensive mobile catalogue that we maintain for all major carriers
  • Control costs by limiting supported devices, rate plans, features, and accessories that are available for your employees to order
  • Support specialised groups – such as sales, field workers, and executives – with their own set of orderable devices and plans
  • With normalised and categorised invoice line items, gain unprecedented visibility and control across carrier billing platforms for a clear picture of your organisation’s mobility spend

…And Much More

  • Accurately allocated pooled plans to charge each employee their fair share of the pool based on usage, regardless of their individual rate plan
  • Outsource responsibilities like populating mobile inventory, placing and managing orders with carriers, and maintaining employee lists via automated feeds to our specialists
  • Automatically allocate invoices based on orders and electronically feed allocation data into your accounts payable system
  • Integrates with your favorite mobile device management (MDM) tool to provide insights on which employees have MDM on their devices
  • We support corporate liable, BYOD stipend, and hybrid client environments, and offer other other optional services, from day-to-day tasks to strategic initiatives