Inventory Management

Inventory management is more than just keeping an eye on your accounts – it requires the ability to track and control your full telecom inventory. 

Many businesses have some means of tracking their assets, but informal management systems (contract paper files, manually updated spreadsheets, etc.) can be difficult to analyse and keep accurate. In addition, organisations often deal with rapid changes in their business – opening and closing outlets and branches, buying and selling business units, not to mention technology changes such as voiceover IP, telepresence, multiprotocol label switching, and more.

All this change can lead to confusion and questions, such as:

  • Are all our circuits still billed at the contracted rate?
  • Do our mobile invoices include devices we thought were disconnected months ago?
  • Which devices joined or left the business when we bought or sold that business unit?

Clear analysis and accurate tracking are possible through a sophisticated management tool that incorporates a master list of telecoms assets. This is where NTT’s inventory management services can add tremendous value to your organisation.

Gain better visibility of all your telecom assets.

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 Simple, phased roll-out.

Variety of management levels that can be catered to your organisation’s needs.

Easily upgrade to more sophisticated inventory management as your organisation changes.

When used with Fixed Ordering and/or Mobile Ordering services, inventory is automatically updated based on order activity.

Sophisticated network tracking for enhanced visibility, control, and collaboration.



Complete Repository

  • Store more than 50 standard details for each asset and go beyond what’s presented on the invoice
  • Track information such as order date and number, install date, speed, dialing codes, employee assignments, location, asset tag numbers, demarcation information, vendor contacts, and more
  • Categorise each asset with organisation-specific item types, each of which can store up to ten custom fields

Connect Assets to Employees, Locations, and Organisations

  • Integrate your internal data with our system to maintain consistency with the employee, location, and organisation data associated with your assets
  • Put crucial, rapidly-changing details at the telecom manager’s fingertips

Inventory Maintenance

  • Connect with our Ordering and Provisioning service to add new items to inventory as orders are placed
  • As invoices are processed, we check assets against your stored inventory and flag any anomalies, such as new inventory items or inventory items that didn’t bill
  • Easily update assets based on invoice analysis, such as adding new items to inventory or placing disconnect orders for unused lines
telecom expense management

Integrated Contract Rate Audits

  • Enables master rates for both monthly recurring charges and usage charges
  • Configure exception thresholds and minimum allowed amounts for your assets to customise when you’re notified of a change in your charges
  • Contract rate audit will run against each invoice and flag anomalies based on your configurations

Outsource Inventory Management

  • If desired, our team of experts can help support your inventory management by researching inventory details with your vendors, performing audits, analysing contracts and entering contract rates, developing custom reports, and creating inventory interfaces with third-party systems such as trouble ticketing or network management systems