Contract Benchmarking and Sourcing

Changes in the telecom industry have created opportunities for your organisation to negotiate lower contract rates. 

When it comes to vendor contracts, one size does not fit all. Your organisation is unique, and your contract rates should reflect that. Our Contract Benchmarking and Sourcing services will make sure that your organisation is treated fairly by your carriers. By analysing your total usage and spend, we can identify which contracts can be renegotiated for more favorable rates. If you need assistance negotiating with your carriers, we are ready to support you through the sourcing process to ensure you come out ahead.

Could your contract rates be lower?

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Achieve best in class pricing and contract terms and conditions.

Streamline your contracts for easier management and future negotiations.

Minimise the time and effort required by your procurement teams so they can focus on other strategic projects.

Assurance that your contracted rates bill properly.

Identify contracts that are too expensive based on real data about your organisation compared to industry standards.



  • Compare your telecom rates and contract terms and conditions to industry standards for all active contracts
  • Provides detailed target rates for all inventory services and related components
  • Negotiation guidance on how to achieve target rates
  • If desired, follow up with resourcing or renegotiation
  • Project-based pricing scales to your organisation’s footprint and telecom spend
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  • Best practices procurement and vendor management services from pricing and SLA guidance to RFP management
  • Accelerate your bid process for faster savings and better solutions
  • Different levels of sourcing support to fit your needs:
    • Behind the scenes: We provide strategic guidance and industry benchmarks to help you negotiate more effectively with your vendors
    • Partnered negotiations: Dimension Data joins you for your vendor negotiations or participates as a shadow adviser
    • Fully outsourced: Dimension Data manages the negotiations entirely on your behalf