Our services can help you optimise your network, mobile, and global communication costs.

Managing your communications environment is complicated, and the challenges grow when you use multiple vendors, support thousands of devices, and are dispersed across the globe. NTT’s services are designed to overcome these challenges to save you time and money and to help manage your vast network. When it comes to your strategic business objectives, our services offer the following unique benefits:

  • On-demand information gives you a holistic picture of your organisation’s telecommunications liability, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Scheduled reporting and integration with data analysis tools provide visibility, accountability, and the capability to identify savings, optimization opportunities, and areas for strategic sourcing.
  • Reduce communication costs by proactively capturing, disputing, and eliminating incorrect invoice charges and highlighting billing anomalies to minimise abuse.
  • Highlight waste and inefficiency, such as oversubscription or underutilisation, to streamline your communications systems and drive the success of your business.
  • Fully understand your communication spend to facilitate centralised, cost-effective procurement strategies.

Learn how our services can impact your bottom line.

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telecom expense management

Telecom Expense Management

Streamline invoice processing and manage usage and disputes to reduce your organisation’s operational and telecom expenses.  

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Mobility Management

Manage your entire mobile lifecycle to discover savings opportunities, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and improve service for your end users. 

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Contract Benchmarking and Sourcing

Learn how your organisation’s usage and spend compares to other companies so you can negotiate competitive rates with your vendors. 

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Inventory Management

Keep track of all your assets, no matter where they are, in a central repository that is easy to maintain as your organisation changes.

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shopping cart

Ordering and Provisioning

Make your ordering process more efficient with seamless integration with vendors, inventory management, and invoice processing services.

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