Manage your entire communications lifecycle and take control of your usage and costs. 

When it comes to your communications lifecycle management, getting all of your data in one place is half the battle. Our NexTEM platform is designed to manage all of your communications data and processes, from invoice processing to inventory management to fixed and mobile ordering. As a scalable platform, NexTEM can grow and change alongside your organisation. Our continual improvements to NexTEM mean that we evolve with the industry and will always be ready to meet the next challenge with you.

Take control of your usage and spend.

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Tracking and managing telecommunications spend is even more challenging for multinational organisations.

Is your organisation distributed across different countries, time zones, and languages? Multinational companies rely on telecom expense management systems to provide visibility and analysis, but are also looking to extend benefits to their worldwide operations to unify control and processes across vendors and countries. This complicated undertaking requires special service offerings capable of meeting the needs of multinational organisations. NexTEM includes many features and benefits that will be particularly important to companies with locations across the globe.


Quick and painless implementation with no ongoing IT maintenance required.

Global reach without additional capital expenditure investments thanks to software-as-a-service model.

Actionable business intelligence from dashboard, reports, and analytics so you can make data-driven decisions and compare your environment to industry benchmarks

Easy, reliable, and effective domestic and international payment capabilities.

Access to all NexTEM expense management capabilities wherever your teams are located.



Flexible Service Offerings

  • Can scale up or down based on current size and needs, and easily accommodates changes to your requirements or circumstances
  • Full suite of services available to multinational clients
  • Constantly evolving on pace with industry
  • For multinational organisations, accommodates tight payment cycles for paper bills by receiving and scanning invoices in-country, then sending via secure connection for data entry
  • E-bills and Electronic Data Interchanges (EDIFACT format) files can be sent directly to NTT from domestic and overseas vendors

Multi-Currency Support

  • Supports more than 170 currencies
  • Stores and displays invoice amounts and details in the billed currency
  • Daily exchange rate updates to support invoice approval and payment in different currencies
  • Provides automated accounts payable feeds in billed or normalised currency
  • Reporting available by country, region, currency, vendor, accounting code, and service type
  • Choice of standardised currency and the date on which standardisation should be performed

Multi-Language Support

  • Helps translate billed line items through proprietary templates for common vendor billing formats
  • Currently processing native-language bills for over 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America
  • Supports electronic feeds for many invoices
  • Additional languages and electronic formats can be easily accommodated

Compartmentalised Management

  • Compartmentalised views of accounts and invoices, by country or region, so users see only the information they’re responsible for
  • Grants multiple views for telecom administrators, while senior management can have visibility of the entire global spend
  • Segregated reporting by compartmentalised view

Data Security

  • Industry-leading policies and technologies to secure your data

  • Certified in internationally recognized auditing standard SSAE 16 Type II

  • Security processes reviewed regularly by independent auditors

  • Our office is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified