Collaboration Analytics

Greater insight. Smarter decisions. Better results.

Organisations are under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve productivity, and minimise risk. Without evidence to inform decision-making, your organisation is forced to make critical purchasing decisions in a vacuum.

The Collaboration Analytics Services Hub is an outcome-enabling suite of analytics services designed to empower organisations in:

  • Optimising their unified communications (UC) environment
  • Measuring and improving adoption
  • Benchmarking against similar organisations

There are four components of the Collaboration Analytics Services Hub:

  • Conferencing Analytics (available now)
  • Mobile Analytics (coming soon)
  • Voice and Video Analytics (coming soon)
  • Messaging Analytics (coming soon)
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Make decisions based on user behaviour.

A simple and intuitive method for understanding cost drivers and savings opportunities. With Collaboration Analytics, you can learn a great deal about your collaboration environment, such as:

  • Which collaboration tools your team is using
  • Adoption of these tools by specific individuals
  • How often these tools are used
  • How much they cost your organisation
  • How to manage this environment more effectively

Lower costs with streamlined collaboration expenses.

Make sure your organisation is only paying for what it is using. Armed with knowledge about your usage, you can take action to:

  • Simplify conference expense management and administration
  • Identify key cost drivers and get recommendations on how to govern them
  • Understand the relationship between behaviour and cost of ownership
  • Resize your environment to optimise costs based on current needs

Improve governance and benchmarking.

Collaboration Analytics provides you with insights about your organisation’s usage and costs so you can:

  • Improve governance by providing analytics of end-user behaviours
  • Capture and consolidate information from across your dispersed organisation
  • Enable effective management decisions around the optimisation and governance of your collaboration environment
  • Benchmark against industry usage standards


Intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires little or no training, supporting rapid end-user adoption and use


Delivers on-demand viewing of summary analytics where you can drill down by specific meetings, hosts, and participants


Simple, user-led onboarding distributes system set-up to end users, reducing IT workload and speeding up time to value


Turnkey, self-service, cloud-based analytics provide insights into usage trends, costs by month, calls by type, geographic dispersion, participant volume, host utilisation, and attendance patterns


Helpful tips and recommendations so you can optimise costs and behaviours

Conferencing Analytics

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NTT’s cloud-based Conferencing Analytics Service gives you a unified view of your entire collaboration environment – across audio, web, and video conferencing. Currently, the service supports Cisco WebEx and Cloud Connected audio providers, with additional vendors and teleconferencing service providers to be added over time.


  • Monitor costs, usage patterns, and employee conferencing behaviour, anywhere and on any device.
  • Conduct detailed analyses of meetings among geographically dispersed colleagues and clients
  • Implement governance policies so you can ensure a cost efficient and strategically optimised collaboration environment.


  • Hosted on the global NTT Managed Cloud Platform, which means that the data you use is resilient, secure, and always available.
  • Gain full visibility into your organisation’s Webex and audio usage and costs, so you can proactively manage and minimise these costs.
Conferencing Analytics