Why Dimension Data?

Not all solutions are created equal. 

With so many options on the market, how do you know which communications expense management solution is right for you? Here’s what sets Dimension Data’s Communication Lifecycle Management apart, and why our services, solutions, and products can transform the way you manage and maintain your communications environment.

What Makes Us Different

Global Reach

Dimension Data is equipped to deliver a broad range of ICT (information and communication technology) services across the globe. We support multiple countries, carriers, time zones, languages, and cultures.

Local Support

With offices located around the world, we work where you work. Our teams can support your organisation anywhere that you do business

Beyond Traditional TEM

We’ve evolved with the industry to help you manage the full communication lifecycle. Our products and services give you comprehensive vision into your assets and services, letting you truly control your costs and usage. We go beyond simple recommendations to ensure that savings are actually realised, both inside and outside the network edge. 


With Dimension Data, you’re not just getting products and services, but an advocate and a partner. We support you throughout your journey with us; we won’t disappear on you after the sale. Our team of experts will work with you to meet your goals, no matter how much your business changes and grows.

Evolving Product

Our products are constantly improving to keep up with the changes in the communications and technology industries. We’re ready for whatever happens next, and we’ll make sure your business is prepared, too.

Transformational Analytics

With our analytic reports and dashboards, you’ll understand your current environment and be prepared for the future. We’ll help you use this data to move your organisation from where you today to where you want to be tomorrow


We hold ourselves to high standards so that we can deliver the best service to your organisation. We track what’s important to your business through our rigorous SLAs and share our performance with you. 

This is the time for collaboration.