Communications Lifecycle Management

Simplify the management of your network and mobile expenses.

Reliable, universal communication has never been more critical to success in today’s globalised and mobile business world. As a result, enterprise communication environments have become more complex and challenging to manage. By partnering with an IT expense and lifecycle management expert like NTT, your organisation will gain control over your communication usage and spend.

Move beyond TEM with communications lifecycle management.

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Your inventory shouldn’t be a mystery. Gain visibility into all aspects of your network and mobile inventory – where it’s located, who’s using it, and if you’re being charged fairly based on contract rates. 

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Until you fully understand your usage and spend, you can’t negotiate with carriers from a position of power. We can help you to understand your communications needs based on your current use, and then use that data to negotiate with your telecom vendors for more competitive pricing.

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Inefficient and manual invoice processing can cost your organisation a fortune in late fees. By storing all your invoices in one unified platform that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime, your telecom management team can approve, allocate, and pay invoices with greater efficiency.

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With the wide variety of devices available to your end users, it’s impossible to provide adequate support without adding to your team. Our Mobile Worker Support team is available to provide excellent service to your end users so they can focus on the needs of your business. Best of all, you won’t have to grow your own team of support specialists in house, saving you time and money.

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Most TEM solutions offer some type of reporting, but with Dimension Data, you get access to a suite of reports that are built specifically with savings in mind. You’ll be able to locate waste and abuse and take action to correct these issues. If you require more advanced reporting capabilities, we’ve got the tools you need to create custom reports and send them directly to your management teams.

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Changing TEM providers can be an expensive, time-consuming process. We work with your team, current TEM provider, and telecom carriers to make sure the transition is smooth and painless. We’re experts at migrating clients to our NexTEM platform, including multinational corporations with offices and carriers across the globe.

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What is Communications Lifecycle Management?

Communications Lifecycle Management is a range of integrated services that optimise your entire communications spend. Across your entire organisation and from anywhere in the world, we allow you to make timely, evidenced-based decisions about the cost and utilisation of your whole communications network, not just bits and pieces.

Our approach helps you realize actionable savings and deliver concrete value back to your organisation.

Communications Lifecycle Management from NTT

Our suite of Communications Lifecycle Management services will give you a complete picture of your communication spend so you can manage your fixed and mobile voice and data expenses in one place. This will help you control costs and make informed decisions to support your organisation’s strategic objectives. You’ll also gain insight into areas where you have waste and inefficiencies due to oversubscription or poor utilisation.

You can effectively govern the lifecycle of your communications environment using our products, which are easy to implement and use. With our subscription-based, cloud-enabled model, there’s no need to hire specialists to maintain and support the solution.

We offer a single, cloud-based platform that supports your entire organisation, wherever you operate.
Our platform provides advanced analytics and smart recommendations to help you reduce costs and transform the way you collaborate.

We support all the carrier and vendor integrations you need to control your communications ecosystem.

Our business process outsourcing specialists provide expert services to help you achieve transformational outcomes.