Lifecycle Management

Telecom Expense Management

Our core telecom expense management (TEM) solution helps optimize your network by managing all your fixed, mobile, voice and data expenditures and utilization through NexTEM, our industry-leading, cloud-based application. We capture all your billing, inventory, and utilization data in one unified, highly accessible platform that automatically provides the visibility you need across all your network assets and carrier services, analysis of usage and utilization to identify cost savings, and savings that accrue from implementation of each identified opportunity.   


By centrally managing your inventory, invoice, and order processing you’ll be able to reduce costs, improve utilization, and maximize services and solutions for all of your network communications assets and carrier services.

Telecom Expense Management

Our TEM services support the complete procure-to-pay lifecycle including inventory, ordering, invoice management, billing, invoice validation, cost allocation, payment and all related workflows, saving you time and money with automation and improved processes.  We can track orders, automate billing and inventory, validate contract rates, examine carrier patterns, catch late invoices, highlight unusual activities, and generate automated reports with just a few clicks.  Unlike the competition, we offer automated data entry too.  You only need to create codes and assignments once; subsequent imports will be automatic.  You will no longer be burdened by tedious data entry, even if a vendor remaps its invoices.  Our core services include data capture for paper and e-billing.

Your usage and expenses are in contstant motion. And as changes happen, as expenses grow, as management works to extract greater value from your communications network, Dimension Data offers additional services that support your entire communications lifecycle – from procurement to payment.

Mobile Expense Management

NexTEM thrives in any Mobile Expense Management (MEM) environment, including those with large, complicated workflows, extensive reporting and bookkeeping requirements, or the need for long-term data storage.  Our highly secure, one-stop application supports the ever-increasing demands of a Bring (or Choose) Your Own Device (BYOD / CYOD) world in which employees want greater levels of device and network flexibility such as using personal smartphones for business purposes.

NexTEM can automate almost everything, including assigning general ledger codes and matching invoice entries to cost centers, generating overviews of your total expenses from a single vendor, or storing data from all your mobile invoices in the right format in a single location.  


The full spectrum of your communications spend – from one end of your enterprise to the other, anywhere in the world – resides on our cloud-based NexTEM platform.  That means you can make timely, evidence-based decisions about your entire telecommunications network and not just bits and pieces of it.

  • Optimize the cost and performance of your entire fixed-line voice and data network. 
  • Save money at a time of heightened scrutiny of telecommunications costs.
  • Realize a one-stop, fully scalable, single-application solution for all your fixed, mobile voice and data needs.
  • Generate comprehensive, actionable business intelligence for decision support.
  • Contact us to find out how our Telecom Expense Management services can help you take control of your fixed and mobile, voice and data expenses.
  • Realize a one-stop, fully scalable, single-application solution for all your fixed-line needs.