Lifecycle Management

Mobile Sourcing & Procurement

The rapidly evolving mobile environment has created new opportunities to reduce costs while maximizing value from your vendor relationships.


We can help you through the process of mobile sourcing and procurement through vendor contract negotiations and vendor performance evaluations to align vendors with the needs of your business. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Conduct review and provide assessment of current telecom rates and contract terms
  • Deliver detailed market rate pricing information for use in carrier negotiations activities
  • Reconsile current usage and inventory utilized
  • Reconsile specific price points identified for each service item
  • Jointly develop strategy and tactics directly related to the your goals and objectives
  • Execute RFP to carriers
  • Negotiate and down select carriers
  • Jointly select carrier based on value and savings


We help you make mobile sourcing and procurement a source of value across your enterprise. Our approach allows for both full-scale procurement transformations as well as targeted improvements to address key issues to deliver tangible benefits and value back to your organization.

  • Enablement of two to three year telecommunications contract sourcing plan which will leverage your business spending power
  • Achieve best in class pricing
  • Achieve best in class terms and conditions
  • Streamline contracts into a co-terminus scenario for ease of management and future leverage/negotiations
  • Minimize time and effort required from your business and operations teams, allowing you to focus on other strategic projects
  • Assurance that the rates negotiated and contracted will bill properly – a step often neglected by other sourcing support groups
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