Lifecycle Management


Dimension Data’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) business process alignment (BPA) offering supports companies as they restructure their financing and management of mobile assets. In a BYOD BPA engagement, companies work the NexTEM platform to identify and offer employees a monthly stipend in exchange for assuming financial responsibility for their mobile devices.


Today, our clients manage mobile assets on a corporate-liable basis with each company bearing complete financial responsibility for each mobile device. These devices, be they mobile phones, tablets, pagers, etc. – essentially any device with a voice or data plan contracted from mobile carrier – often participated in voice pooling plans or shared data plans negotiated between the company and the carriers.

Under BYOD BPA, client employees can apply to receive a monthly stipend paid to the employee via the company’s payroll system. The NexTEM platform orchestrates receipt and approval of the employee stipend request and arranges with the carriers to release to the employee the company’s financial responsibility for each mobile device. Employees who accept financial responsibility for a mobile device arrange with the carrier to pay for voice and data usage via a consumer plan. Note, too, that employees can use NexTEM to apply for changes in their stipend amount or terminate their plan participation.

Each month, NexTEM forwards a payroll file to each BYOD BPA client. The file contains the month’s stipend payment information. NexTEM monitors changes in each BYOD BPA client’s employee population to ensure terminated employees no longer receive stipends and new employees receive an invitation to participate the BYOD BPA program. NexTEM configuration management tools and stipend reporting round out the BYOD BPA offering, providing clients with the means to manage their stipend plan.


  • The NexTEM ordering system serves as the “system of record” to capture, report and manage employees’ participation in the client’s BYOD BPA program.
  • Dimension Data’s NexTEM ordering desk executes the relevant “Change of Financial Responsibility” orders with the carriers.
  • Payment to the employees via the payroll system capitalizes on the company’s existing financial systems, avoiding the overhead of issuing stipends via the expense payment system.
  • Matches stipend payments to the active employees, reducing the chance that a stipend might go to a terminated employee.
  • Program administrators retain control over the cost and extent of their BYOD BPA stipend program.
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