Lifecycle Management

Communications Lifecycle Management

Dimension Data’s Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) refers to a range of services that optimize the full spectrum of your communications spend – from one end of your enterprise to the other, anywhere in the world allowing you to make timely, evidence-based decisions about the cost and utilization of your entire communications network, not just bits and pieces of it.


Effective Communications Lifecycle Management allows you to take control of your network costs and utilization by providing you with an end-to-end view of all your network assets and carrier services that reside both inside and outside the edge of your network to ensure optimal performance, at the lowest cost.

Communications Lifecycle Management was born out of Telecom Expense Management (TEM), a Dimension Data service center of expertise that focuses on optimizing the cost of your fixed and mobile, voice and data communications expenses. Our core and extended TEM services support the complete procure-to-pay lifecycle including:

  • sourcing,
  • inventory and order management,
  • invoice management,
  • cost allocation,
  • payment processing,
  • reporting and analysis,

and all related workflows, saving you time and money with automation and improved processes. Communications Lifecycle Management leverages our experience as a leading TEM provider to bring previously unavailable capabilities to market under a one-stop-shop umbrella of related solutions and services focused on optimizing the cost of operating your entire communications network.

Traditional “TEM” approaches provide limited visibility of assets and services that reside outside the edge of your network. But the vast majority of network services are consumed inside that edge.

Our Approach

Communications Lifecycle Management is a persistent effort to optimize the cost of all of your network assets and carrier services by analyzing actual usage in an environment of constant change. With usage patterns in constant motion, the demands placed on your current communications network infrastructure become even more complex as your business inevitably evolves to become more mobile centric, further emphasizing the need to manage the entire communications lifecycle. Our phased approach helps you methodically realize actionable savings and deliver powerful ROI value back to your organization.

  • Visibility – to both network assets and carrier services builds a strong foundation
  • Analysis – of actual usage and utilization identify savings opportunities
  • Cost Savings – result from implementation of each identified property

Dimension Data delivers Communication Lifecycle Management results to you through NexTEM, a global cloud-based management platform that allows the right cost and utilization data to get into the hands of the right people at the right time. There is no better way to do this well in a multi-vendor, multi-service world of rising costs, increasing demands, and constant change than through a single, global platform that automates the analysis of your data across your enterprise and puts that knowledge into the right hands, quickly and comprehensively.


The benefits of working with Dimension Data for Communications Lifecycle Management are: 

  • Global Presence -- with a direct footprint, local experience and language capabilities in over 52 countries, and management from a global cloud-based platform, we help you manage your communications across your entire network, wherever you are.
  • One-Stop-Shop -- because we build and operate carrier-independent voice and data networks, we understand all the elements of the communications lifecycle. We can help you optimize across the entire spectrum of your communications network.
  • Unified View --  Make evidence-based decisions about your entire network, not just bits and pieces of it. With our global cloud-based platform, we automate the analysis of your data and put that knowledge into the right hands, quickly and comprehensively. 
  • True Lifecycle Management -- We don't just recommend actions, we help implement them across your entire network. Because of our experience across multiple communications technologies, we can help you optimize your network from one end of your enterprise to the other, on either edge of your network.
  • On Time, Every Time -- With over 6,000 clients worldwide, they say the best thing about working with Dimension Data is that we get things done. We're the best in the world at executing communications outsourcing and professional services, and we work within your budget and timeline. And we're backed by NTT, offering risk-free stability and rapid ROI.

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