Lifecycle Management



Decision Support

Successful Communications Lifecycle Management is about getting the right cost and utilization data into the hand of the right people at the right time. There is no better way to do this well in a multi-vendor, multi-service world of rising costs, increasing demands, and constant change than through a single, global platform that automates the analysis of your data and puts that knowledge into the right hands, quickly and comprehensively. 

With NexTEM, there are no artificial boundaries for analyzing your fixed and mobile, voice and data, local and global information. The full spectrum of your communications spend – from one end of your enterprise to the other, anywhere in the world – resides on our cloud-based NexTEM platform.  That means you can make timely, evidence-based decisions about your entire telecommunications network and not just bits and pieces of it.

NexTEM provides actionable business intelligence. NexTEM’s digital dashboards and detailed reporting convey information about your communications usage costs across your entire organization. NexTEM’s unique dashboard features are enhanced by our unique perspective on metrics. With NexTEM, the more time that passes, the more useful the information becomes. Anomalies stand out over established trends and usage patterns, or versus industry benchmarks. NexTEM dashboards allow you to quickly spot anomalies and drill down deep to stay on top of your network communications costs. With literally millions of transactions flowing through NexTEM, data is converted into actionable intelligence and we’re able to show you how you are doing and exactly where to take action to improve results.

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